About FiFi

Fifi has been on her own path of evolving her consciousness for 7 years. This has entailed developing her clairvoyant gift to enable her to offer her healing services.

Through working with other Energetic Medicine Therapists, professionals and also what life has brought to grow and unfold Fifi into new levels of knowing within herself .

This has been an ongoing evolutionary process.

Fifi healing modality has been developed through her own growth and  spiritual guidance. Moving beyond her beliefs and limits and working to face and move through fear, this has also enabled Fifi to access deeper and more transforming places of healing in her work.

Working with Shamanic  practices  and connectedness to all of life and nature is part of Fifi,s spiritual being. The greatest gifts come through ones greatest fear. Have the courage to grow beyond what you have known. Create the life you came here to live.


Client Name: Oscar
Owner Name: Jane W.A.
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"Oscar came for healing after suffering two physical traumas: A punctured testicle after...
Client Name: Burleigh
Owner Name: Kim N.S.W
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The two main issues that Burleigh is dealing with at the moment are the arthritis in his front...
Client Name: Missy
Owner Name:
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I contacted Fifi after learning that my little dog Missy had lymphoma and probably had only a...
Client Name: Shelley
Owner Name: Shelley USA
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Fifi did this amazing healing at the RDA centre. A horse they were wondering about. Fifi brought...