About Fifi and Energy Frequency Healing

Fifi has been on her own path of evolving her consciousness for 9 years supported with another Energetic Medicine Therapists and Somatic professionals. As well as training Level 1,2 and 3 with Dr Joe Dispenser. A wealth of study and training in awareness, neuro science, consciousness and quantum field.

Level 1 and 2 Reiki training.

Fifi unique energetic template of healing is powerful and can create change in her clients. Fifi's work can therapeutically and holistically help .

Fifi work can be experienced in person in Leura NSW or via distance healing which is as direct and effective as seeing Fifi in person.


Client Name: Oscar
Owner Name: Jane W.A.
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"Oscar came for healing after suffering two physical traumas: A punctured testicle after...
Client Name: Burleigh
Owner Name: Kim N.S.W
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The two main issues that Burleigh is dealing with at the moment are the arthritis in his front...
Client Name: Missy
Owner Name:
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I contacted Fifi after learning that my little dog Missy had lymphoma and probably had only a...
Client Name: Shelley
Owner Name: Shelley USA
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Fifi did this amazing healing at the RDA centre. A horse they were wondering about. Fifi brought...